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Ersatz Einsatz - klein - 2 Stück

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Ersatz Einsatz - klein - 2 Stück
  • Hand drawn designs
  • Food safe
  • BPA-free
  • Leakproof
  • child-friendly closures

Kostenloses Büchlein

GRATIS Kinderheft für jede Bestellung


Entdecke mit Elara, wie jedes Kind durch das Erkennen und Feiern seiner eigenen magischen Einzigartigkeit ein leuchtendes Selbstbewusstsein gewinnt.

Our product development

Our product development is characterized by a multifaceted approach and the highest quality standards. From creative hand drawings to other design approaches, we use a variety of methods to ensure that every product, whether baby blankets or beach towels, meets our high standards for design, functionality and durability.

  • Variety of designs for all products:

    Whether it's lunch boxes, drinking bottles, baby blankets or beach towels, we value a wide variety of designs. From creative hand drawings printed on lunch boxes and water bottles to other multifaceted design approaches for products like baby blankets, this diversity allows us to create a wide range of unique products that appeal to our customers' individual tastes and needs.

  • Prototypes and samples:

    Regardless of the original form of the design, the first prototypes and samples are created. Whether through prints of hand drawings or physical developments on products like baby blankets, we check the quality and functionality of each piece.

  • Tests & Exams

    Every product undergoes our practical tests. We use them in everyday life to ensure that they are not only aesthetically pleasing but also stand up to the demands of everyday use. After a thorough evaluation, we add promising products to our portfolio. The final products undergo testing in an independent testing laboratory before going into production. This is how we ensure that every piece meets our high quality standards.