Praktisch. Liebevoll. Kreativ.

Our family

How it all began

Welcome to BEARFOOT, a brand run with love and dedication by our family of four. Our focus is on children's items, especially high-quality ones Lunch boxes, Drinking bottles and other practical products that make everyday life easier.

It all started because we wanted to create products for our own children that were not only functional but also of the highest quality. Each of our items goes through the ultimate test - it must meet the needs and requirements of our own family before it finds its way to sale.

our mission

Our mission is to provide practical and high-quality products that meet the needs of families. With BEARFOOT we not only want to brighten up everyday life, but also help ensure that families can rely on products that are both functional and reliable. We invite you to become part of the BEARFOOT family and enrich everyday life with our lovingly designed children's items.

Our Lunch boxes and Drinking bottles are more than just containers; they are an expression of our family philosophy. We give each item a personal touch with lovingly designed motifs. We understand the needs of parents and children and incorporate these insights into each of our products. Quality comes first. If our own children love the products and they pass the test of everyday family life, they become a sellable product under the BEARFOOT brand.