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Hörspiele für Kinder

GRATIS Hörspiele passend zu deiner Flasche und Brotdose

Kostenlose .mp3-Hörspiele – perfekt für euren Kreativ Tonie.

Anmelden, herunterladen und die Geschichten überall mitnehmen!

Kostenloses Büchlein

GRATIS Kinderheft für jede Bestellung


Entdecke mit Elara, wie jedes Kind durch das Erkennen und Feiern seiner eigenen magischen Einzigartigkeit ein leuchtendes Selbstbewusstsein gewinnt.

our mission

Our mission is to provide practical and high-quality products that meet the needs of families. With BEARFOOT we not only want to brighten up everyday life, but also contribute to ensuring that families can rely on products that are both functional and reliable.

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What do our customers say?

Robust, practical and sweet as sugar

The lunch box was inaugurated on a family vacation and has really taken part in every adventure. It still looks great and, above all, nothing has broken, even though it has been thrown around somewhere. The compartments are great sizes for a wide variety of snacks and are also easy to clean.



... Our daughter (5) loves her new drinking bottle and loves taking it with her to kindergarten. ...


Great drinking bottle

The children's water bottle is really great! It is an ideal size of 450ml which is perfect for my child's needs. The Tritan material is not only light and robust, but also BPA-free, which is very important to me as a parent.


Beautiful baby blanket for all seasons

Our daughter loves the muslin fabric when it's warmer and the fluffy side of the blanket when it's colder. The workmanship of the blanket and the choice of colors are top


Great blanket

The blanket is cuddly soft and of good quality. My little one feels very comfortable.



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Our children's items are hand-drawn with love

The talented artist Bojana Mirković breathes life into our products for children. Each design begins as a lovingly hand-drawn work of art, which is then digitized by Bojana to create the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation.

Your playful motifs can be found on ours Lunch boxes and Drinking bottles for children again. The printing process is carried out with the utmost precision to ensure that Bojana's art shines in its full glory. Our products not only become practical companions in everyday life, but also small works of art that bring joy and creativity into children's everyday lives.

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Our modular lunch box

  • Designed with love

  • Leak-proof construction

  • Safe materials

  • Modular System

  • Fun while eating

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used for the children's lunch boxes and drinking bottles?

Our products are made of high-quality, pollutant-free materials such as BPA-free plastic or stainless steel. You can find the exact materials in the product descriptions.

Are the children's lunch boxes and water bottles BPA-free?

Yes, our children Lunch boxes and drinking bottles are 100% BPA free. The health and safety of your children is our top priority. To ensure this, we have all of our products tested by an independent laboratory to ensure they meet the highest standards. The love and care we put into making our products is reflected in their safety and quality.

Are the lunch boxes microwave safe?

Only the lunch box bento box set is suitable for the microwave. For our other lunch boxes, we recommend transferring the food to a suitable container before heating.

Are the plastic drinking bottles dishwasher safe?

Yes, our plastic drinking bottles are usually dishwasher safe. Please follow the care instructions on the product or in the enclosed instructions to achieve optimal results.

Are the lunch boxes leak-proof with pure liquids?

Our lunchboxes are designed to stay tightly closed and minimize food spillage. However, only our lunch box bento box set is leak-proof for pure liquids.